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Ways to answer the question of, "But what will I do all day?" with something else than "Whatever I feel like"

Unless you look close to being the traditional retirement, a good way to avoid awkward conversations is to model them on the following conversation:

A: "What do you do for a living?"

B: "I < insert activity from below >"

A: "Can you really make a living from that?"

B: "Hard to say, but I saved a lot of money while I was a <insert the job you retired from>"

At this point, people will either ask for details in which case you can start talking about how investing for financial independence works or they'll start talking about something else.

Early Retirement Extreme 21-Day Makeover Day 5: Find a free hobby

In no particular order (but let's try to make this list as long as possible). Also, if possible, it would be helpful to write a short introduction page on how to get started for each of these activities.

Sports/Physical Activities

Creative activities

Social Activities

Spiritual Activities

Intellectual Activities

Second Careers/Volunteering/Semi-Retirement


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